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13th-Jun-2010 05:51 pm - Sara Ramirez Mood Theme
raydor - smug
Hey folks! kris_me requested that I make her a Sara Ramirez mood theme and, after all of the hard work I put into it, I thought I'd share it for those who might be interested in using it as well. There are 132 images, all 100x60px.


You have several options for downloading:

1. You can download this handy dandy .zip file, inside which you will find all 132 images that you can upload to the photohosting site of your choice and install onto LiveJournal.

2. You can download this fancy cheat sheet, where the links to the images (hosted on imageshack) are already provided for you AND in the order in which you install them on LiveJournal.

Please let me know if you use it and what you think! Comments are love!
Also, please credit me in your user info/profile if you choose to use this mood theme! Go to your user info and enter some variation of the following: Credit for my mood theme goes to ubiquitousmixie

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions/comments!

Sara Ramirez Actress/Singer, Tony Award winner, cast member of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and ADRLF board member stopped by the William F. Ryan Community Health Center in New York City last week. The Ryan Center was among the first recipients of the foundation’s grants. Ms. Ramirez stopped by to meet the staff and patients and learn more about the Ryan Center’s work with Hepatitis B, C and HIV/AIDS.

Source: Al D. Rodriguez Liver Foundation

22nd-Dec-2009 12:29 pm - TV Guide

TV Guide Names Sara Ramirez Best Performance of 2009

December 21, 2009 by Ingrid Diaz  
21257PCN Villa07The end of the year is almost upon us, which means many media outlets are handing out “best (and worst) of the year” awards left and right. TV Guide is the latest in announcing their picks for best and worst of 2009 and the beloved Sara Ramirez has caught their eye and won their hearts over with her portrayal of Callie Torres. As much as we’ve loved Callie all along, it seems like the character has really hit her stride this past year. Her relationship with Arizona is winning people over and getting thumbs up signs from the critics and viewers. Of course there will always be naysayers, but who can deny that Callie is wonderful? Not TV Guide, that’s for certain, as they’ve named her the Best Performance of the Year. Congratulations, Sara Ramirez. It’s well-deserved! If you want to see the reasons for their selection, as well as other 2009 winners, head on over to TV Guide.
17th-Oct-2009 01:54 pm - SR donates for auction

Sara Ramirez Donates for Auction!

By Aussie Lee | October 17, 2009 |


There are so many qualities about Sara Ramirez that are truly amazing and one of them is the generosity and support she provides to so very many worthwhile causes!  Currently Sara has donated an autographed Italian leather purse and an autographed picture for a silent auction to be held by Someplace Safe who…

Someplace Safe was incorporated in 1979 as a 501c3, private non-profit corporation dedicated to serving victims of domestic violence by providing a 24-hour emergency shelter for battered women and their children. Since the opening of the shelter in December of 1979, we have expanded our services to include victims of sexual assault and general crimes. Someplace Safe also operates five Parenting Time Centers to provide supervised visitations and exchanges for children and their families. We have outreach offices in the following communities: Perham, Fergus Falls, Alexandria, Glenwood, Elbow Lake, Morris, Wheaton, Ortonville and Breckenridge.

For our communities we provide violence prevention programming in schools, create partnerships with criminal justice agencies to promote system change and educate the professional and general public about the effects of violence on our communities.

Our Mission Statement: To create a safer world for everyone, we work to eliminate violence and oppression through advocacy, education and services.

Our Vision Statement: Someplace Safe for Everyone. (Someplace Safe website – source)

Here’s the original article from Wahpeton Daily News that brought my attention to this event including a pic of the donated autographed Italian Leather purse and photo for a Silent Auction Someplace Safe are holding for their It’s a Girl Thing Fundraiser in Breckenridge.

Sara Ramirez purse donation

Someplace Safe in Breckenridge has relocated to 115 Suite 4 on Fifth Street North, just behind Edina Realty.

“It’s a little more secure, with door bells and secure doors,” said Sheila Korby, outreach manager for the 8th District. “It’s more private…more victim-friendly.”

With budget restraints, Someplace Safe was looking to cut costs where they could. The space at 115 Fifth St. N. offered lower rent. It is completely remodeled with two offices, a waiting room and a counseling room. Three Rivers Decorating of Wahpeton decorated the space.

In addition to the move, Korby said they are busy working on the fifth annual It’s a Girl Thing. The purse auction is more than just a night out with the girls. It is held to raise awareness of domestic violence. The name of the event is not meant to imply domestic violence is only against women, but for those attending to learn it affects men and children, too.

This year’s guest speaker is Christie Prody, former girlfriend of O.J. Simpson. She will address how she survived the abusive relationship.

The purses and other items have been slow coming in, Korby said. But that is usually the case until the last week before the event. Korby and Lynette Meyer sent more than 650 letters to celebrities and companies asking for donations to the cause.

The biggest donation so far came from Sara Ramirez who plays Callie Torres on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. She sent an autographed Italian leather purse and an autographed photo.

Korby said the event is lacking in local donations and volunteers are needed for the event. If any are interested, you can contact Korby at 643-3109.

The event runs from 5:30-8:30 p.m. on Nov. 9 at St. Mary’s School gym. There is a light dinner and dessert. Tickets are available at Someplace Safe or at Breckenridge Drug. All proceeds benefit Someplace Safe. (source)

To find out the details for this event, head to their site here and look up the Calendar of Events for November the 9th!

What’s not to admire about Sara Ramirez?  She’s amazing! ;)

Till next time,

Aussie Lee xxoo

Aussie Lee's Avatar

Mallie Goodbye
Hello all,

NPR is seeking nominations for a year-long exploration for 50 of the great voices in recorded history.  I nominated Sara (of course) and I just wanted to share the information in case anyone else wanted to put in a nomination.  You can click on the link below and put your nomination in the comments section (you must be registered to make a comment) or you can email your nominations to GreatVoices@npr.org

50 Great Voices:

I realize this isn't exactly Sara related, so please feel free to delete if it is inappropriate.
16th-Sep-2009 09:58 am - Sara Ramirez on Season 5.

By Sarahe | September 16, 2009 |


Here’s an interview with Sara Ramirez about Season 5!

Chandra Wilson Debuts In Chicago On Broadway - Arrivals & Curtain Call

What can you tell us about your character in season five of Grey’s Anatomy?
SARA RAMIREZ: Callie continues her journey of self-exploration in season five. I guess she’s still on a quest to find love – whether it’s with men or women, but she hopes to find it one day. I don’t know if it will happen at the end of this season, but I hope it happens before the end of the show, whenever that is.

What’s been your personal highlight to the new season?
SARA RAMIREZ: I think some of the medical cases have been really fascinating and interesting this year. Eric Dane’s character performs a face transplant, which is an extraordinary feat. It’s amazing to think these procedures are going on in the world. It’s fascinating. Only four face transplants have been done in the country, but he successfully pulls it off.

Has your character been involved in any interesting medical procedures?
SARA RAMIREZ: I built a guy a titanium leg, which was really cool. It was a lot to take on as it was a pretty massive procedure, but then the guy died. It’s a really dramatic storyline for Callie because at that point her relationship had also died.

How does it feel to be on a show in its fifth year?
SARA RAMIREZ: It’s so crazy, but it’s great. It’s wild. I’m having such a wonderful time on the show and I think it continues to get better every year.

Callie’s love life has been very interesting this season…
SARA RAMIREZ: Yes, it has. There have been lots of developing relationships in season five. You see Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd’s character get together. You see Chyler Leigh and Eric Dane’s characters grow closer together – and you also get to see what happens with Izzie and Alex. Izzie has a lot going on in her life with her illness, which is going to be an amazing storyline on the show.

Were you disappointed to see Brooke Smith’s character, Erica Hahn, leave Grey’s Anatomy?
SARA RAMIREZ: Yes, but I like the fact that their relationship wasn’t a cookie-cutter journey. The ending was very abrupt for everyone involved, particularly Brooke, but I like the fact that it wasn’t a simple journey that they went on together. It’s sad that she left, but things happen and she’ll keep working because she’s a great actress.

How would you describe Callie in season five?
SARA RAMIREZ: I like that Callie is entering this middle ground where she’s not straight, but she’s not necessarily gay. She’s sort of open. She’s open to considering a relationship with anyone and it doesn’t matter what their gender is. She will be attracted to someone because of their personality and the spirit of the person as opposed to their gender – and I think that’s very interesting.

What do the fans think of Callie?
SARA RAMIREZ: There’s mixed feelings. I’ve received positive feedback and I’ve also received a letter from a fan who hates it. Someone even said they’re going to stop watching the show because of Callie. Everybody has an opinion – and her sexuality is unfortunately still a controversial subject for some people. It doesn’t matter, though. Controversy is sometimes good on a show.

Did you have to do any research to prepare for the role of Callie?
SARA RAMIREZ: Actually, we had a big meeting with GLAAD [Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation] when we were working on the Erica Hahn storyline. That particular story was based on the experiences of two women, so we researched the hell out of it in order to make it true. Now we’re entering a whole new phase and I think we always try to keep the relationships that we’re representing in mind because it is a sensitive subject for some people.

What do you make of the rumors and backstage gossip about Grey’s Anatomy in the tabloids?
SARA RAMIREZ: Let’s not beat around the bush. Stuff like that keeps people watching. Publicity is a huge thing in this industry and people thrive on it, so it’s just part of the show’s machinery.

Do you ever read gossip in the press and think, ‘If only they knew the real story?’
SARA RAMIREZ: Yes, I do. If they knew the real story, they’d probably be bored and they wouldn’t be watching. At the end of the day, I just want to do good work. I don’t want to worry about how people feel about me because nobody is ever going to like you all of the time.

Do you enjoy performing surgeries on the show?
SARA RAMIREZ: I enjoy being in the ER. I really get off on it. I love it because it’s creepy and great. And I love blood and guts. However, I had a bad time with work this year because a friend of mine was diagnosed with liver cancer and he died within six weeks. During that time, I was shooting in LA but I was flying over to New York to see him as much as I could. I would be working in the ICU on the show and then I’d fly to New York and visit him in a real ICU – and it felt like I was walking right back onto the set.

That must have been a tough experience…
SARA RAMIREZ: It was extremely difficult to be here after he passed away. I discovered how up-to-date we are with the machines on the show because they were exactly like the machines in the New York ICU. It took a long time to get over it, but I’m feeling much better now.

Do you think you’d make a good patient?
SARA RAMIREZ: I’ve become a total hypochondriac. The show doesn’t help because it makes my mind over-run with possible illnesses. I go to the doctor all the time if I think something is wrong, but I think that’s a positive thing. I’m blessed that I have medical insurance that allows me to do that. I go and get checked up all the time.

Do you have a grueling schedule on the set?
SARA RAMIREZ: Well, it takes ten days to shoot an episode, but I’m only on set two to three days a week. Sometimes I’ll be there more, but I feel very lucky that I have time off. I know some of the other actors have to put a lot more hours into the show, so I’m lucky.

How far in advance do you hear about upcoming storylines?
SARA RAMIREZ: I don’t get to hear about anything unless it’s a major storyline involving my character. Otherwise, I get to hear about it on the day of the read-through. That’s when we really know what’s gone into the script – and most of the time, we’ll be as shocked as the viewers.
3rd-Sep-2009 11:36 am - New Season pics

22nd-Aug-2009 09:52 pm - Pre Respect Awards Party

Friday, August 21, 2009

Stars come out to GLSN's pre-Respect Awards party

Last Friday, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) held their pre-awards event at the luxury apartment complex, blu in Beverly Hills. The event was sponsored by blu and was a precursor to GLSEN’s fifth annual “Respect Awards”. GLSEN members, Respect Award honorees and guests were treated to specialty cocktails provided by Crater Lake Vodka. Some of the celebrities in attendance included Ginnifer Goodwin of HBO’s hit show Big Love, Sara Ramirez & Shonda Rhimes of Grey’s Anatomy and Wilson Cruz.

GLSEN’s Respect Awards, held annually in Los Angeles and New York, recognize individual and corporate leaders who have helped propel GLSEN’s efforts to ensure safe schools for all of America’s students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. This year GLSEN will honor HBO, Shonda Rhimes, David Bohnett and the Student Advocate of the Year at the Respect Awards on October 9th in Los Angeles.

Posted by MileHighGayGuy at 8/21/2009
18th-Aug-2009 08:23 pm - Animal Funraiser

Sara to attend Animal Fundraiser!

By Aussie Lee | August 19, 2009 |

YAY!!   More appearances for Sara Ramirez!!  Just pity I’m on the other side of the world!!! GAHHHH!!  This is an amazing event and charity to be supporting so check the details out below!

Bow Wow Wow Hollywood

Media Alert
Much Love Animal Rescue presents the third annual

Bow Wow WOW Howlywood!

WHAT: Much Love Animal Rescue & SECURE-A-PET’s summer fundraiser, Bow Wow WOW Howlywood, will be on Saturday, August 22nd at 7pm at The Lot in Hollywood. It is a night of comedy hosted by AL MADRIGAL with comedians BILL BURR, MATT BRAUNGER, & LAURA KIGHTLINGER, vegetarian buffet by Gary Arabia, signature cocktails by Vitamin Water, music and dancing, and one of L.A.’s most exciting silent and live auctions. We will be honoring PRISCILLA PRESLEY for her generosity towards animals, rescuing horses, and other charitable efforts, United Talent Agent JACOB FENTON for his unwavering support of Much Love, and Animal Advocates CAROLE RAPHAELLE DAVIS & CAROLE SAX for their relentless efforts to ban puppy mills.

WHO: Confirmed celebrity guests include: Simon Cowell, Denise Richards, Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, Priscilla Presley, Jaime King, Jason Lewis (Sex in the City), Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy), Olesya Rulin (High School Musical 3) Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory), Karina Smirnoff (Dancing with the Stars) and many more to be announced.

WHEN: Saturday, August 22, 2009

Please head over to the source here to find out all the details as well as ticket prices, times etc!

Thanks to darsfebruary over at Callie_Arizona on LJ for the heads up! ;)

If any of our fellow Gabblers get the awesome opportunity to go and show your support, let us know!! We’d love to hear from you!!  :D

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