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Sara on Rosie 
28th-Oct-2011 10:15 am
Sara Ramirez and Common
Aired: 10/25/2011
Sara Ramirez and Rosie
Photo: Harpo Studios
About This Episode
No more chattering teeth and goose bumps for Rosie's audience. As Rosie battles hot flashes, her audience staves off hypothermia with Snuggies®!

After everyone gets snuggled, Sara Ramirez, a Tony winner and star of Grey's Anatomy, sits down to talk about her first audition for Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes, her dream role on Broadway and how she's managing stress and body image issues.

Then, rapper, author and poet Common talks about his uncommon rise to fame. Find out how he went from pursuing his MBA to pursuing his dream—and how he told his mother he was leaving school. As always, the show ends with a little friendly competition: a game of You Do Know Jack!

Read more: http://www.oprah.com/rosie/The-Rosie-Show-Sara-Ramirez-and-Common#ixzz1c67HUEgC
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